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Hip-Hop (Re)Present
July 20-22, Los Angeles, CA.

Birthed in 1994 due to a need for a community orientated Hip-Hop Event that encompassed knowledge of the history of Hip-Hop Culture with the skills of Bboying & Bgirling (breaking or break dancing), the Bboy Summit continues to be a major trendsetter in Hip-Hop street dance, art and music lifestyle culture. Each year the Summit has expanded to encompass more Bboys, Bgirls, MCs, Aerosol Artists, DJs, and Hip-Hop Activists, and is one of the longest running, foremost Hip-Hop cultural events in the world. The impact of Bboy Summit globally is insurmountable, most importantly the transmission of Hip-Hop culture and Bboy/Bgirl style of dance, and street dance to the new generation. Without an understanding of the roots and culture of Hip-Hop, the youth of today would not be able develop styles into futuristic trends of tomorrow, a well as understand the importance of community, multiculturalism, and leadership.

Bboy~Bgirl Summit theme for 2018 is Hip-Hop (Re)Present. Representing is a key factor in Hip-Hop. Essentially Hip-Hop demands that we (re) present ourselves continually evolving, refining, and defining ourselves in the culture. In this way we are always (re)presenting ourselves throughout our journey in Hip-Hop as we mature. Featuring local, national, and international Bboys, Bgirls, MCs, DJs, Graffiti Artists, practitioners, activists, and educators who are empowering marginalized communities around the globe through Hip-Hop, by supporting the education, enrichment and cultivation of local Hip-Hop artists, especially youth, women and people of color.

In response to world attention to multiculturalism, diversity, female empowerment and community engagement through the arts, we are offering our first ever Bgirl Summit edition in 2018, featuring a special platform for females with performances, workshops (skills, knowledge, resources pro development series, all elements of Hip-Hop), battles, and panels that highlight Herstory: skills, knowledge, and community leadership of women in Hip-Hop around the world!

Highlights include: Bonnie & Clyde Battle of the Sexes SuperJam; Bgirl Theatre Show, Hip-Hop (Re)Present panel; Funk Styles Room; Popping Battle, Live Graffiti; DJ/MC Performances; Raw Ciphers; Writers Bench; Art show, Summit History film and Preparty!

We cordially invite you to attend and to partner with us to make history once again.  

For vending: utmost@beatswapmeet.com

To sponsor, for more info and Bonnie & Clyde battle sign ups email: asia1nep@mac.com

Produced by: No Easy Props Productions, a non-profit, 501c3 corporation

The Summit is made possible in part through contributions by LA County Arts and Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. Consider donating and furthering the mission!