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B-Boy SummitIn response to world attention of multiculturalism, diversity, and community engagement through the arts, the Bboy Summit theme for 2017 is “Healing the World Thru Hip-Hop”, featuring local, national, and international Hip-Hop practitioners, activists, and educators who are empowering marginalized communities around the globe through Hip-Hop, by supporting the education, enrichment and cultivation of local Hip-Hop artists, especially youth, women and people of color.

The mission is critical and we know Hip-Hop works. It teaches, challenges, uncovers, and exposes the truth, who we are collectively diverse together, and how we live. It’s our values of each one teach one, respect for self-determination and for multiculturalism. We connect with one another upon skills, knowledge, and community involvement, uniting to bring the mission to fruition, ultimately resulting in Healing the World Thru Hip-Hop.

A lifestyle throughout the ages, we mature in Hip-Hop and refine and shape ourselves. No Easy Props serves as a lifelong motto of inspiration: earning respect through hard work and accepting others without regards to color, race, religion, creed or gender.

This is what the Summit is and reflects, us, how we get down, our style, rawness, appeal, and flavor. If you break, pop, freestyle, rap, dj, and write graffiti or are a purveyor of the culture you know that Hip-Hop is timeless & ageless, for the very young and the old. From the pros to the protégées, the activists, the competitors, the teachers, the students, and the masters, this is something special for all of us! Let us come together & activate our culture to  heal our communities nationally & globally, in union & solidarity!

As we build our sustainable international community we can support the lifetime journey as practitioners, students, artists, educators, professionals, and masters. There is room and a role for all in Hip-Hop 4 Life! Where we will be Healing the World Thru Hip-Hop!

The Bboy Summit’s 20+ year history is illuminated by the rich contribution to the public’s understanding of Hip-Hop culture through both visual presentation of the elements of Hip-Hop along with educational panels that detail the transmission of Hip-Hop’s cultural art-forms of Bboying/Bgirling (often called break dance), Popping, and Freestyle, Deejaying, Emceeing, and Graffiti art around the globe, entrenched in a deep tradition of community activism and folk art culture roots in response to social-economic suppression and racism.