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The Bboy Summit continues to be the major trendsetter in Hip-Hop street dance, art and music lifestyle culture. Established in 1994, the Summit sprang forth-innovative ideas in Hip-Hop culture, offering a conference forum complete with competitions, performances, panels, workshops, and marketplace for the Hip-Hop lifestyle community. Never content with success, the Bboy Summit continues its mission to bring the hottest street dance, art, and music above ground to the masses. Hailed as one of the best events in history, that unveils new, dynamic concepts in Hip-Hop influenced hybrid lifestyle culture.

Bboy Summit 2010 introduced the Summit to a new audience of Hip-Hop lifestyle followers that craved the high-energy excitement that Summit provides. Now in our 17th year the Bboy Summit has grown into an internationally acclaimed 3 day festival incorporating all aspects of Hip-Hop in different plateaus, from the most intense battle competitions, the rawest circles, to the most prestigious theatre performance, with the sounds of the streets provided by hottest deejays and emcees dropping it live.

For 2012 we have all elements of Hip-Hop present and accounted for, kicking off with the Graffiti Crew Battle, Footwork Battle, Infamous DJ/MC/Producer Showcase, Hip-Hop Dance Theatre Show, Soul Styles Locking, Popping and more, as well as informative panels and workshops; each element of Hip-Hop combining together to make the cipher complete.

Here's a look at what you'll find at this years Summit:

Eddie Funkster, Dam Funk, Matt Respect, Marvski, Element, Slynkee, Mark Luv, Abel, Luman, Bonds, Rox Swift, Tony J, Richie Rich

Kmel, Haze, Lil Rock, TekNYC, Frankie D, Richie Rich, Tempo

Pros2Proteges Battle and Panel Series Featuring:

Anee & Wu tan
Casper & Prada G
House & Miracles
Shie Chan & Shigekix
Lil Cesar & Saewl
Smerf & L Boogie
Bonita & Feenix
Flea & Luigi

Frantick+ Devious
Jon Boogs+ She Street
Popula + J Rock
Snap Boogie +Chuco
Breeze Lee + Precise
J Smooth + Koyi
Scorpio + Noy
Marie Poppins + Pandora

Loose Caboose + Lil Sweets
Richie Rich + Baby Boogaloo
Flomaster + TBA
Stingrey + Snoop Boogie
Arvidos + Supreme
Stars + Skills

Free Boogie (Popping)
Plik Plok (Popping)
T Rock (Footwork)
Lino (Bboy/Bgirl)
Crumbs (Bboy/Bgirl)
Abstrak (Bboy/Bgirl)
Damita Jo Freeman (Locking)
Anthony Thomas (Locking)
OG Skeeter Rabbit (Locking)

On the Mic:
Mellow Man Ace and Cazal
Tek and Akil
Percee P and WildChild
Deladia and Rass Kass

On the Walls:
Fame City Crew and West Coast Artists

Freestyle Panel:
Swoop, Brother, Popcorn Chicken, Chameleon, Alfie, Frankie D,

Delicious Vinyl
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