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Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright is an educator/sociologist, and an expert in African-American studies, social stratification (race, class, gender), urban education, media and popular culture. Dr. Wright received her doctorate in sociology from the University of California, Irvine and currently teaches at Los Angeles Southwest College. Wright is a noted commentator on hip hop issues for various media outlets, including: Rise Up Hip Hop Nation. She administers a blog with same title: http://riseuphiphopnation.blogspot.com/

According to Dr. Wright, “Although I grew up with hip hop (literally), my interest in hip hop today is not so much in its artistic forms of expression, but in its people and their social and political freedom from oppression. For me hip hop has and always will be foremost about the people it represents and our struggles.”

She teaches at Los Angeles Southwest College where she pursues her research interest in race, class, gender, social stratification, and the sociology of hip hop.