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Rachel Noelle

Starting in the music business in 2007 managing writers, producers and artists & transitioned over to Publishing in 2011, working with incredible talents such as, The Jackie Boyz, Warryn Campbell, Frenchie, Vertel & Hwood.

Some of the projects worked on: , Justin Beiber, Brandy, Christ Brown, Madonna, Big Time Rush & Flo Rida to name a few. Working on both the executive side and the creative side has given Rachel an advantage to understand both sides and how to strategize a successful career. Rachel has worked globally, securing a variety of deals in recording, publishing & licensing. Studied the Music and Business program at Berklee College of Music, as well as the Music & Publishing law at the UCLA extension program.

Rachel continues to write, help with team building, mentoring and consulting, as well as opened 2 recording studio locations in North Hollywood and Hollwood, where she has built a creative compound community, where writing camps, showcases and overall creative expression happens on a regular.

Hits & History Entertainment is & will continue to be a platform that’s innovative & supportive to the music community both in recording and publishing.