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Hip-Hop is a movement that we are pushing forward, and reaching new heights with physically, mentally, socially and globally. Moving our bodies and minds, creating healthy relationships, forwarding social justice, healthy organic plant based lifestyle, addressing mental health, fostering equity between women and men, supporting motherhood & fatherhood, moving ourselves towards peace and unity.

An international symposium for B-Boys and B-Girls, to foster friendship, global unity and peace, economic sustainability, and healthy competition and relationships.

Who is it for: The Global B-Boy and B-Girl community and educators who are concerned about the future of the B-Boy and B-Girl movement and the entire community of Los Angeles. Equally we will be paying tribute to our West Coast roots with the LA Funk & Soul Summit that highlights the dance forms of Locking and Popping through workshops, panels and theater performances.

What will take place: Sit-downs to identify key strengths, weakness, needs and assets, stimulate partnerships; Theater Dance Showcase featuring local, national, and international acts; Workshops to educate and train both novice and professional B-Boys and B-Girls, Poppers and Lockers; Business for Artists Class, Organizing and Engagement Class, and Mental Health Class; Knowledge Panel; Dance Cyphers and Battles, DJ and MC Performances and Live Graffiti Art.

Hip-Hop needs positive role models for our youth: With our world in such turmoil, many who understand and have grown up in the culture and lifestyle of Hip-Hop see it as the most positive culture to ever come out of the US, that continues to be popular with the youth, but sadly without the positive tenets of peace, love, unity, that propagated the initial movement of Hip-Hop. We know Hip-Hop works to engage youth with all generations and supports healthy artistic, physical and social development. Let us gather together to explore and celebrate our culture and community and the next phase of our movement!

We cordially invite you to attend and to partner with us to make history once again.

Vending Information: utmost@beatswapmeet.com
General & Sponsorship: asia1nep@mac.com

Produced by: No Easy Props Productions, a non-profit, 501c3 corporation

The Summit is made possible in part through contributions by LA County Arts and Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. Consider donating and furthering the mission!