Summit 2023 Rap Up Report

Jan 08, 2024

Bboy Bgirl Summit ~ Strictly Bboy Bgirl Business was incredible! Truly the best one in years, probably I dare say 2012. Maybe I’m tripin, and I probably am since you really can’t match the…


Summit 2022 Rap Up Report

Jan 08, 2023

The Summit Reborn theme proved to be prophecy. Based on so much feedback people really felt the Summit was back! The feeling & balance of a well-produced and orchestrated jam still with the spontaneity…


Bboy Bgirl Summit 2021

Jul 11, 2021

No Easy Props, Inc. PO Box 741060Los Angeles, CA. Bboy Bgirl Summit 2021Back to BasixJuly 17-18 We are bringing back the Summit basics and keeping things fresh and no frills for the summer.…


Summit 2019 Rap Up Report

Aug 09, 2019

Friday Recap The Summit has a long history, 25 years of Hip-Hop culture honoring the Bboy and Bgirl dance form. Since our early days from Bboy Summit 2 in 1995, we have incorporated Funk…