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Production & Marketing Intern

B-Boy B-Girl Summit


Spend 10-12 weeks of your summer as a paid intern to help make history by being part of the longest running Hip-Hop event in the nation in the marketing and production team for Los Angeles’ legendary event, The Bboy Bgirl Summit. Interested in social justice intersecting with Hip-Hop arts and culture? Have a desire to be part of a team to create a multi day interactive Hip-Hop arts festival complete with theatre show, conscious Hip-Hop acts, Graffiti Expo, National Crew Breaking Battle, Kids Battle, Bgirl Showcase, Popping Showcase, Breaking in the Olympics Community panel? If you love Hip-Hop culture, the folk arts of Bboying, Bgirling, Rapping, Deejaying, and Graffiti art and want to learn while providing your emerging talent(s) of event production, marketing, social media, organizing, engaging, and bringing awareness we can teach you what is involved in successful event marketing and production and essentially social engagement through art.

Applicant is organized and task oriented Event production knowledge is desired but not required Applicant possess knowledge/use of Microsoft Office, Applicant uses/creates/shares Google docs Applicant can work supervised in person Applicant is self motivated while working remotely Applicant will have savvy understanding how youth/young adults use + engage with social media. Applicant will have good communication/social skills, outgoing is a plus Applicant has creative flair for social media, marketing, promotions, an engaging presence with language use and vernacular, able to create posts for young + hip and other audiences. The applicant should be comfortable interacting with different types of people: inner city at risk youth, business professionals, artists, activists, and families. Applicant should be comfortable working in a fast paced environment with some evenings and weekends necessary. *online promo and some street promo as well.

No Easy Props (NEP) was originally founded in 1997 as a movement to inspire greatness in Hip-Hop culture, where merits are awarded based on authenticity, hard work, and skills! No Easy Props, Inc is a 501c3 status organization committed to preserving Hip-Hop culture by providing quality Hip-Hop cultural dance, art, and music education, enrichment and entertainment for young people through engaging programs, workshops, performances, and competitive cultural events throughout the communities of Los Angeles and Denver. The goal is the provide a platform in which to engage youth on their own terms, help cultivate self esteem, awareness and community stewardship, plus appreciation for diversity, while having fun!

If interested and available for 10-12 weeks from June-August 2023 please send a cover letter expressing your interest and qualifications to info@noeasyprops.org with the word Production Intern in the subject line. Community college students preferred but not required. Student must be currently enrolled at a college or university and have a minimum of one semester of college completed. Student can be graduated if graduation is in 2023. For specific questions please email: asia1nep@mac.com