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Trac 2

Luis Angel Mateo aka Trac 2 Original Generation Bronx Beatboy Rocker. From Rocking to Bboying,the following information is an overview based on my personal experiences. 1974- My first school yard jam at Junior High School 82. 1975- Witnessed my first Rocking Battle between Vinnie (Sals…oul) and Beaver (Zulu Kings). 1976- Began Rocking/Bboying,and the first to incorporate gymnastic into the dance. 1977- Co-Founded the crew StarChild La Rock with Bos and Blue, and created the Bboy move called Tracks. 1978- Winner of the first Bboy contest, and StarChild La Rock also winners of the first Bboy crew battle,and the year when i met Spy and JoJo. 1979- Created the Bboy move one arm pirouette / 1990’s. 1980’s til the present- Judged countless Battles and Bboy competitions, also witnessed the evolution of Bboying to Break Dancing and back to Bboying. 1996- Featured in Rap Pages the Magazine. 1997- Judged a Bboy competition in Miami for Blaze Magazine. 1998- Lead Historian for DMC’s Original Bboy Foundation Video. 1999- Invited to attend The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Hip Hop conference. 2001- Featured in the documentary The Freshest Kids. 2006- Featured in the documentary From Mambo to Hip Hop. 2007- Lead Historian for two up and coming documentaries, Planet Bboy and Underground Dance Masters: Final History of a Forgotten Era. 2009- Interviewed and Quoted in June 2008 for The Real B.boy Book FOUNDATION written by Joseph G.Schloss.