Bonnie & Clyde Freestyle Battle

Jul 15, 2018
Room 2

Ultimate Bonnie & Clyde BOSS (Battle of the Sexes SuperJam)
Step up to the challenge but you may get split up! Judges will pick one Bboy and one Bgirl per battle, they are not limited to choosing one side/team. So you can enter with your partner but both of you may not advance. The advancing Bboy/Bgirl become a new team until the final battle when they must battle each other! How this is judged: You actually sign up with ya partner, but the 5 judges (judging separately) can pick one side, or they can separate people from different sides.

July 21
9:00 pm


Baby Girl, Dent, DJ Abel, DJ Luman, Easy Roc, Fresh, Jeskilz, Teal, Teresa Espinosa, V-Luv

Speaker team leader

The rest of the team


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Easy Roc

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DJ Luman

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DJ Abel

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Born and raised in Paris, French Algerian Bgirl Jeskilz found Hip Hop at the age of 15 but it wasn’t until she moved to NYC right after hight school graduation in 2001 that she discovered her love for breaking.

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Baby Girl

Ericka is the embodiment of hip hop. She is a Bgirl that is full of bursting energy, optimism, love, and expressive art. Her emersion into the hip hop culture has not been a passing hobby. Ericka began break dancing her teenage years at Youth Advocates centers and continues to be a part of the culture 22 years later.

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Soul Brothers

I was born a BBoy in the mist of the Los Angeles tinsel town its self the belly of the beast lol. I started pop lockin at the age of 9 in 1979. From then on it was battle after battle reachin' my teens I started to break dance, dj, and was the beat box for a crew at school and was in a dance group called the Jazzy Boys.

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Next Time you take a look at a Map of the U.S. point directly in the middle of it, and there is where you will find, Hometown hero, Denver, Colorado wordsmith, DENT.

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Teresa Espinosa


Teresa Espinosa is a proud native of Dallas, Texas. After graduating from CalArts, she has been working professionally as a dancer and choreographer for the past 21 years.

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